Code of Conduct

Statement of intent

This Code of Conduct exists to provide a framework of governing values for the members of the Concert Promoters Association and to further public confidence, and the confidence of performing artists and other acts, in concert promoters.

Principles of conduct

  1. Members shall promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct and at all times deal fairly and honestly with the public, with business people and with the artists and acts they are promoting.
  2. Members shall recognise that the safety of the public and performers is their greatest responsibility, and shall ensure that the highest possible standards of safety are observed in the staging and managing of concerts.
  3. Members shall at all times act in a professional manner and shall not engage in practices which would bring the concert promotion industry into disrepute.
  4. Members shall recognise the right of the public to accurate information about the concerts they are promoting and shall strive to ensure that all relevant information, especially in relation to changes in an advertised programme, is made available to ticket holders and members of the public as soon as possible.
  5. Members shall use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that all concerts they promote conform with all relevant laws, bye-laws and regulations relating to their concerts.
  6. Members shall use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that at those concerts which they are promoting, the following conduct is not tolerated and is dealt with swiftly and appropriately: Any form of racial or sexual harassment or abuse, and other threatening behaviour, whether from members of the public or their own staff.
  7. Members shall use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that all the normal services such as food, hygiene and toilet facilities are handled in a manner which complies with all laws and are appropriate for public use.
  8. Members shall ensure that they have adequate working capital and insurance for the concerts they promote, and shall recognise that the proper and prompt payment of artists is of central importance.
  9. Members shall at all times remember that integrity is the guiding principle of the Association which should inform all their work as concert promoters.