Our work

Formed in 1986, the Concert Promoters Association has worked to represent and promote the interests of its members and to provide a forum to campaign on issues of concern and support the growth of the industry. Information sharing and lobbying are our primary functions.

COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CPA formed the ‘Get Back To Live’ working group together with representatives from the National Arenas Association and British Association of Concert Halls. The GBTL group consulted widely across the whole live concert industry and made representation directly to Government at the highest level. As a result of that pressure, members of the CPA were invited to brief Ministers and contribute to further steering groups and working parties focused on re-opening all venues as safely and as quickly as possible across the UK.

For further details and latest updates, please check out the COVID-19 section in the tab above.

Health and Safety

Since the inception of the Association, various individual members of the CPA have worked tirelessly to achieve benefits for all promoters. The CPA worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive and has previously helped shape key guidance for the industry. In 2014, the Event Industry Forum published the Purple Guide online with support from the CPA. Additionally, the CPA have been instrumental in outlawing flares.

Affordable Ticket Prices

Ensuring that concertgoers have the opportunity of seeing their favourite artists at reasonable ticket prices has always been a primary concern of the CPA and our members have fought to maintain booking fees charged by ticket agents at acceptable levels. The CPA has also worked closely with the Committee of Advertising Practice to secure accurate ticket prices are included on advertising and has also joined forces with sporting bodies and other music industry Associations to tackle the growing problems being caused by online touts.

Creating opportunities for up and coming artists

The CPA understands the need for up and coming artists to have the platforms to showcase their music. As part of this work, the CPA lobbied the Radio Authority for an ‘indie’ FM radio station in order to create opportunities for new acts to be heard on air. As a result, Xfm was initially awarded a temporary licence and is now a mainstream radio station. In the past, the CPA have supported the National Skills Academy which provided opportunities for skilled industry workers.

Working with the wider industry

The CPA works closely with the entire ecosystem of the UK live music industry.

  • The CPA regularly meets the National Arenas Association with on issues such as ticketing procedures, insurance and health and safety. We have previously run joint campaigns on ticketing procedures, insurance and health and safety.
  • Supported MVT Grassroots venues campaign.
  • The CPA holds membership of the Music Network UK (formerly National Music Council) and attends roundtable meetings with government officials and industry figures
  • STAR (Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers)
  • Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) formerly Office of Fair Trading
  • Attitude Is Everything. Deaf signage and Disabled access.

Consultations include:

  • PRS Tariff LP Consultations 1986, 2010 & 2015
  • PRS Tariff LC Consultations 2005 and ongoing currently
  • PPL SFE 2012 and ongoing currently
  • Police Charges 2013
  • Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing on Secondary Ticketing 2007

Influencing Government

The CPA has worked constructively with the UK Government to ensure the interests of promoters are shaping the development of public policy.

The CPA has previously worked with the Home Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on key issues such as the improvement of the application process of work permits for overseas artists, policing at events and licensing.